Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 9, 2010, Sunday

I wrote just a day or so ago, but I need to add to that. Yesterday Dave took Derek into PCMC because of a low grade fever and concerns about dehydration and weight loss. Derek hasn't been able to keep any food down, or drink as much as he needs. Signs seem to indicate some damage to his stomach, from the radiation. I'm sure they will look into that. I know that Dave won't allow the next radiation treatment to take place until they have some answers. Today they will give Derek something to help the food stay down. If that fails, they will give him "nutrition" through his IV. (I doubt he has any more weight to lose...) They are also keeping him hydrated, intravenously. Another chemo session is scheduled to take place this week, but we'll see...
I asked Dave how Derek was taking all this, and Dave said, "He never complains."

I feel comforted, knowing that Dave is right there by Derek's side. I feel that he is acting on promptings as he asks questions that haven't been considered or expresses concern over decisions made. He takes personal responsibility for Derek's well-being and makes sure he is informed. Yesterday, Dave stopped the nurse from giving Derek the neupogen that had been ordered, since it was twice the amount usually given. They checked back with the doctor, who changed the order to the correct dosage. They thanked Dave for catching the error. (Dave isn't obnoxious in his questioning. He actually apologizes before he expresses his concerns:).
He said that a doctor came into the room wearing several pagers. She was covering for four other doctors!
Dave has also noticed a difference in the women doctors. Generally, they express more sympathy, take more time, and seem to pay more attention to the details.
Dave will be staying in the Leavitt's apartment this week, so he can be closer to the hospital.
Thanks, Dixie and Anne!


  1. hang in there Derek! Sorry that you have to go through this, but so many people are learning from your great and humble example.

  2. You have been in our thoughts a great deal. You amaze us with your strength, endurance and attitude. Know that we are praying for you and your family and keep up the good work!