Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 23, 2010

Derek's university ward brought him a big card with personal messages written all over it. It's been hard for him not to be able to go to Church. He hasn't gone since Christmas. Since we don't know how high his immunity level is, he stays away from public places. On Mondays they take a blood sample to see what his blood counts are. If they are high, he celebrates (preferably with friends. I guess he's sees too much of his family).
We dodged a bullet a couple of days ago. Derek had symptoms of an infection, but didn't mention it to his parents until dinner time... We found he also had a slight fever. We were instructed to get him to the hospital if he ever had a fever. A friend told us that these were the times that got scary. He likened the dosage of antibiotics that would be administered to a 12-gauge shotgun after a flea. Needless to say, we wanted to avoid that. As his temperature climbed, so did our concern.
I thought of a recent email sent by Derek's Aunt Jerri, who is serving a mission with her husband. She shared her thoughts on faith, and a talk given by Elder Bednar, who said that we must leave the light and enter the darkness, expecting that we'll be okay. We prayed for an answer and were inspired to know what to do for him. Throughout the evening and night, we treated what we felt was the cause of the infection. By morning his temperature was back to his normal 97.
Derek's sister-in-law also shared some thoughts she had about Christ healing the blind man. When asked who had sinned, this man or his parents, Christ replied, Neither, but that the works of God may be made manifest in him. We've seen the works of God made manifest over and over again. Thanks to all of you for your prayers, your uplifting words, and your kind acts.
Our hearts are touched whenever we hear people simply say, "We're praying for Derek."


  1. I am grateful that your prayers were answered and that you knew what to do to get Derek's temp down. Leaving the light and going into the darkness is scary at times, but Heavenly Father will see you through. Love you guys.

  2. Yes, prayers are being answered. And those prayers are for everyone there at the Payne ranch. You're all in this together and all receive the help and guidance necessary to carry on. Hurrah for Israel!