Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21, 2010

New Post: just found out that Derek's blood counts are still low, so his next treatment will be postponed for another week. (Immunity is high, just the platelets are low). Now we can see why we were told in the beginning to plan on a year to complete chemo treatments. It seems that his body is taking longer to bounce back. We'll just plan on another week of good eating and good family times!


  1. Hi Derek, I was thinking about you and your low platlettes. Are you allowed to clean your teeth? I was not allowed to clean my teeth in case the tooth brush scratched my gums and the bleeding wouldn't stop. I didn't clean my teeth for about 4+ disgusting is that? Thinking about it now I can't believe I could do it. You stay in our thoughts and prayers always... stay strong. Life after cancer is great... hang in there love Sharon

  2. Thinking and praying for you all. So very thankful that your family is in my life. Always an amazing testiment to me. Thank you.