Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 10, 2010

Home on Friday and off again on Tuesday, this time for six weeks! Derek begins radiation treatments in SLC this week, and since they overlap his chemo treatments, he will have to stay there most of the time. He will be able to attend Church tomorrow (a rare blessing these days).
We are doing well, taking one day at a time, and slowly learning to "cast our burdens at His feet".

Thanks, all you family and friends, for caring about us!


  1. Six weeks is a long time. Will David be with him that whole time? You are in my prayers Jeanne. Please let me know if you need something.

  2. It's party time at the Hicken house! Derek, gear up for non-stop fun and games. Cancer ain't gonna stop this party train. Hop on and let's get to it!!!! (Welcoming committee is blowing balloons as we speak....)