Friday, February 12, 2010

February 11, 2010

Dad took Derek to PCMC on Monday to test whether his kidneys had suffered any damage. The test came back favorable-they look fine. After the test, Derek met with the oncologist to begin the next chemo treatment. (This would be 5 days) After looking him over, Dr. Wright decided to postpone this treatment for another week to give his body a chance to heal. His hands have been swollen (Derek says they feel burned from the inside) so that he can't use them much. Also, his mouth and throat are covered with mouth sores, and throughout his digestive system, making it difficult to eat. They returned home on Wednesday and he has been feeling a little better each day.
On the bright side, his immunity level is high right now. He is able to attend CHS ball games and watch Alan play. As usual, Derek is upbeat. When he feels the mood in our home getting too somber, he gets us all laughing again. He doesn't like Mom and Dad to worry. Thanks for the empathy you show us and for your faith and prayers.

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  1. You are a great blogger, Le. Thanks for your update. We will put on our "party pants" and visit Derek and Dave when they come next week. Sounds like Derek already has a pair of those pants! Good attitude, Deek!