Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today Derek had a "port" implanted in his upper chest so chemo treatments could be administered. While he was "out", they also took bone marrow samples to see if the cancer had spread there. They will know the results next week. He begins his first chemo treatment tonight, and will continue treatments throughout the year. The more we learn about what lies ahead of us, the more overwhelmed we feel. After listening to the many doctors that filed in and out of Derek's hospital room telling us what to expect, I left for a walk along the corridors and did some soul searching. One doesn't need to walk far to find others who are dealing with some heavy trials, and I saw people I wouldn't trade places with. As Dave and I have looked back at this past month,
we've seen the Lord's hand in our lives. Derek was blessed to be able to complete his mission, and he had an amazing experience that happened the last three weeks that confirmed that he was where he needed to be at that time. I'm keeping a list of the tender mercies that we have seen so far, and the list grows every day.


  1. Continued prayers and thoughts.

  2. Elaine said...Hi Jeanne, our good friend, and old college roommate, P.G.B. just e-mailed me and told me the news. So sorry to hear that life's path has gone in this direction for you and your son. As you may already know, my husband has been battling cancer the last 4 months. We have spent many hours up at Stanford Cancer Center for his treatments. It is a hard disease to deal with, so we wish you the best. The best advice someone gave me was live in the present, don't dwell on the "What ifs." Our prayers are with you.